We're Gonna Talk About It

Ep 20 | The Pink Tax

April 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 20
We're Gonna Talk About It
Ep 20 | The Pink Tax
Show Notes

This weeks We’re Gonna Talk About It podcast episode is about The Pink Tax & all the ways women get hosed buying everyday items. 

Annually, the pink tax costs about $2,300.00 in overpayment for items marketed to women. 

Listen in to hear more about this economic phenomenon and how it is evident in everyday items & even necessary health needs/medicine.

With special guest Shanan Custer. Shanan and Carolyn make up the 2 Sugars Show and have performed together in 2 Sugars, Room for Cream, Sometimes There’s Wine, and the upcoming Bad Things, Good Whiskey. 

Additional audio by Katy Pence 

The Pink Tax: The Ridiculous Reason It Costs More to Be a Woman (dollarsprout.com) 

The Pink Tax: What's the Cost of Being a Female Consumer In 2022? (listenmoneymatters.com) 

 The Pink Tax: Economic Gender Discrimination (thoughtco.com) 

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