We're Gonna Talk About It

Ep 7 | The Other Mother

May 11, 2021 Buffie Blesi & Carolyn Pool Season 1 Episode 7
We're Gonna Talk About It
Ep 7 | The Other Mother
Show Notes

You don’t have to give birth to be a mom. Dedicated to the admired woman who take on unconventional motherhood with courage and abundant love.

“You are not alone if you have a village of support.”
Amber Schindeldecker,  is a single mother by choice. She will meet her newly adopted baby boy this month, after braving through to the end of a 6-year biological fertility journey.
“The more you bring in the better. It’s all about expanding.”
Stephanie March, Food and Dining Editor, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, and sounding off on Weekly Dish on MyTalk 107.1, is a stepmother of 3 children and has one biological child of her own. The marriage ended, but the motherhood and family continue to grow.
“Being a stepparent, you may feel lost or stressed.”
Valerie Newbold is a Certified Step Family Coach with 15 years of experience helping step parents navigate the fun, but fear-filled ride of being a bonus parent.

Not therapy and very helpful in your stepparent path forward: www.stepfamilylifecoaching.com

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